JINZHIXING (SHANG HAI) INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a high-tech enterprise in China, mainly focuses on researching, developing and producing medium to high-end computerized flat knitting machine and other knitting equipment. Company has several sets of advanced digital automatic processing and detection equipment both domestic and abroad as numerical-control CNC machining center, ultrasonic cleaner, roundness measuring equipment and three- dimensional coordinate, various indexes equipment ,thus we own the capability of independent innovation and self-owned brand.

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    More than 50000 square meters
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    30+ years experience
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    More than 200 workers
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    More than 30 utility patents



  • JZXP – Pressor Foot Flat Knitting Machine

    JZXP – Pressor F...

    Technical Parameters Model JZX252 JZX352 JZX360 Gauge: 3G 3.5G 5G 5/7G 7G 9G 10G 12G 14G 16G Knitting width: 52inch、60inch、72inch 、80inch,etc System: Double system, three system Knitting speed: Maximum speed 1.4m/s. Cam system: Adopts‘the motor driven cam direction -changing system’improve knitting speed and stability. And use 5.2inch cam plate and 6inch cam plate as per functional config. "Three position" knitting technology c...

  • JZXC- Nonwasted Comb Flat Knitting Machine

    JZXC- Nonwasted Comb F...

    Products Description The model integrates various high and new technologies such as high-speed small carriage, dynamic density control function, fast return technology, The New Carriage and The High-Performance Servo Technology Achieve Fast Inversion and Increase the Production Of 10%-20%.two-way stitch decreasing and continuous knitting innovative technology. Providing stable drawing tension, make the fabric drawing more smoothly, and reliabl...

  • JZX- The High Efficiency Flat Knitting Machine

    JZX- The High Efficien...

    Products Description Combined with KDS knitting design and program making system, integrated with many software modules, each module is in-depth integration, and sweater orders to production for customer. The comprehensive upper, middle and lower oiling system (needle bed oiling system, scissors cleaning device and base board cleaning system) provides reliable guarantee for the continuous and stable production of the machine. With excellent co...

  • JSE The Economic Serial Flat Knitting Machine

    JSE The Economic Seria...

    Products Description This model has two styles, the first is a single head single system simple flat machine, the second is a single head double system style, the two styles according to customer needs and configuration.  The needle plate can be selected as one processing type or insert type. Using Precision needle and 8-segment needle selection system, and the needle plate is quenched by high frequency to meet the production requirements of h...

  • JAF – The Intelligent Feeders Serial Knitting Machine

    JAF – The Intell...

    Products Description Equipped with 4 pcs arc-shaped feeder rail,16pcs auto motor-driven feeders, the movement of which is controlled by computer up or down. This could precisely realize the knitting of intarsia, inverse plating and reduce running course, to improve knitting efficiency. It is the latest innovative proprietary technology, 16colors Intarsia Structure Can Be Made Maximumly. The Cam System Utilizes Motor-Controlled Needle Raising S...


Service First

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    Shanghai customer visit news

    After covid pandemic fade away.many customer are visiting to our factory.now a new customer who engaged in special featured product come to our factory for order confirmation. Accompanied by Mr. Yao Guoyu, the company’s sales manager, the Shanghai customer used the special yarn brought by ...

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    Knitting machinery, green, intelligent must speed up

    During the period of “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”, knitting machinery to enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing knitting industry as a strategic goal, with the main line, to develop digital, networked, intelligent actively promote two depth fusion, focusin...